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Special tournament in Slovakia

Special tournament in Slovakia

U18 Worlds an eco-friendly championship

Published 10.04.2017 19:04 GMT+2 | Author Organizing Committee
Before the championship in Poprad and Spisska Nova Ves has even began, we can already say that the tournament in the Tatra region will be exceptional.

It will be, in fact, an "eco-friendly World Championship" especially thanks to an environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle issued by the city of Poprad, which will ensure the removal of waste.

It is not just garbage disposal that classifies the upcoming top-level tournament among exceptional events. Waste will be separated at both arenas. “Given the fact that at world championships the number of participants, organizers and fans add up to the thousands, the amount of waste will also be significantly larger than at regular hockey games. It goes without saying that we appreciate the environment and are glad the championship can be labeled as eco-friendly,” said tournament director of 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship, Roman Stambersky.

During the tournament, which will take place April 13th to 23rd in Poprad and Spisska Nova Ves, an increased amount of waste is expected, for which the organizers have thoroughly prepared themselves. “We are pleased that the organizing committee came up with the idea of ​​an eco-friendly championship. We have arranged eight large containers in Spišská Nová Ves, and will dispose of the waste six times more often than during normal operation,” explained the head of the ice arena in Spisska Nova Ves, Jozef Hruby.

Hybrid Car in Poprad

Similar arrangements have been made at the Poprad hockey arena, albeit with a little something extra compared to Spisska Nova Ves. “Within the scope of the eco-friendly tournament, we will deploy 25 racks for color-distinguished bags within the premises of the hockey arena in Poprad, where participants and visitors will be able to separately throw away municipal waste. We will provide a further fourteen large colored containers in the vicinity of the arena. Yellow bags and containers are designed for the collection of plastic bottles and plastics, blue for the collection of paper, black bags and containers for mixed municipal waste,” explained Mária Bonková from the company Brantner Poprad.

Moreover, the company will ensure the collection and disposal of garbage by means of a hybrid vehicle. “The eco-friendly refuse collection vehicle with hybrid traction and an electric battery significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as noise. The sorted components of municipal waste are then taken to the sorting facility for further separation and then are recycled.”

Tickets Still On Sale

Preliminary matches of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship will run from Thursday, April 13th until Tuesday, April 18th. After a day off, quarter-final and semi-final matches will ensue, as well as the relegation round. As the highlight of the championship, matches played for the gold and bronze title will take place on Sunday, April 23rd at the hockey arena in Poprad.

Fans still have the opportunity to buy tickets. Only the duel between Slovakia and Canada has been sold out so far. Tickets for the remaining matches are still available. For all-day tickets for preliminary round matches the price is set at 7 euros per day; while the quarter-final and semi-final program will cost one euro more. Tickets will cost 10 euros on the final day of the tournament, during which the teams will compete for gold and bronze medals. Ticket prices for individual duels will start at 4 euros. Fans can purchase tickets online at or at 78 of its stores.


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